Council of 98
Vital statistics
Title Council of 98
Gender Male/Female
Race Human
Faction Council of 98
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Everywhere


The Council of 98 is a clandestine organization that considers itself the "guardian of humanity". The original Council was formed when a small group of ancient humans created the artifact that would come to be known as Pandora's Box. Armed with the knowledge that, even with the best intentions, humanity might take actions that could lead to its ultimate destruction, the Council keeps close tabs on developments in all areas of science. Today's breakthrough could easily become tomorrow's nightmare and the Council of 98 stands ready to defend the human race against any threat. Even if it requires them to make decisions from the shadows, manipulating human destiny to achieve the greater good.

They are major rivals of the Black Order.


They serve as aid to Charles Deckard.




  • The Council bears some resemblance to the Knights Templar of Assassin's Creed.

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