Echidna Tentacles
Vital statistics
Title Echidna
Gender Unknown
Race Mythological Creature
Faction Mythology
Health Very Low
Level Medium
Status Annoying yet Threatening
Location In Sewers


In Greek Mythology, Echidna, the 'Mother of All Monsters,' had the face and torso of a beautiful woman, but the body of a serpent. In some myths, she had more than one tail. These tentacles are apparently the tails of Echidna. It is stated by a Council scientist that when the tentacles become detached from Echidna, they begin to create a new host body.


They are used as ambush creatures, to annoy and sometimes startle the player.


If you can spot these before they grab you, shoot them with any weapon. If they grab you, try to keep your aim strait and shoot the tentacle quickly. Do NOT throw a Molotov Cocktail at one.


  • You will only see the the tentacles, but one of the game's trailers had some full body artwork of some green creature that might be the Echidna.
  • At times, these tentacles will even take a Werewolf, whether it is Limos or Alpha. This iis only seen in the Level: Bullets & Blood.

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