Fire Drake
Fire drake image
A Fire Drake attacks a Black Order soldier
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male/Female
Race Mythological Creature
Faction Mythology
Health Low
Level Low
Status Weak
Location Everywhere

Description Edit

The Fire Drake looks like a giant komodo dragon made of lava, in short terms, although it does have of a frog shaped head, and its throat puffs up to add to this appearance. The 


In Teutonic myth, a Fire Drake was a fire-breathing dragon. In Legendary, they are a small quadruped that is able to generate intense body heat. No doubt, this creature was the genesis of many tales of fire-breathing dragons.


This monster is basically just a small challenge to alert players of their presence, but on harder difficulties they are not just a wake-up call, they are a tough challenge, due to the fact that guns don't effect them much, and when getting close to finish them off the the axe, it could prove catastrophic.


The easiest (but dumbest) way to defeat this creature if with the Fire Axe. The axe will take it out usually one shot if you hit it in the head (and it will EXPLODE ON YOU). If there is a fire hydrant or other water-producing object nearby, activating or hitting it will cause water to fly everywhere. Water kills Fire Drakes easily.
Water valves are a little more tricky because they take time to turn, and if you're standing near a Fire Drake spawn-point, this can be a problem at higher difficulties.


  • This monster is the second weakest monster in the game, just ahead of the Nari. This still makes it one of the most annoying, and hardest to hit due to the fact that it curls up all the time to protect itself.

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