Legendary scr008
A Griphon
Vital statistics
Title Gryphon
Gender Male/Female
Race Mythological Creature
Faction Mythology
Health Very Powerful
Level High
Status Dangerous
Location Almost Everywhere

Description Edit

A Gryphon has the head, wings and front legs of an eagle, but the rear half of a lion, and sometimes horns. This gives them a majestic appearance, but they are vicious predators.


After Deckard opened Pandora's Box, griffons ran rampant in the skies.  They are first encountered just as you leave the Museum in Episode 1.  They can attack you at this point if you stand in their flight path, but their attacks aren't that strong, unless on higher difficulties. However, they can only be killed shortly after your encounter with the Minotaur in Episode 5.


The Gryphons are seen in vast numbers, but only a few battles are fought against them. They are dangerous and challenging.


The best strategy to take down the Gryphon is to use the most powerful weapon you have on you at the time, and always aim for the head or neck. Note: the Fire Axe will have little effect on it if any at all, so it is advised to avoid them if you can't get a higher powered weapon than the SMG.


  • In one episode, a Gryphon can be seen killing three Alpha Werewolfs at one time, Proving that these creatures are extremely powerful.

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