Lexington White Deer
Vital statistics
Title Lexington White Deer
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Council of 98
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Varies


Lexington is a Field Commander of the Council of 98 and one of approximately dozen Field Commanders spread across the globe, responsible for coordinating clandestine operations and crisis response teams.

He is a United States citizen of Native American descent. His name is a reference to his family's participation in the American Revolution, though how they participated is unconfirmed. He joined the US Army at age eighteen, and was admitted to Ranger School at Fort Benning. He served in Operation: Desert Storm in Iraq, 1991. He was recruited into the Council by his former Army commanding officer.


Lexington helps Charles Deckard many times throughout the game, giving objectives. He was deployed to the New York Flashpoint, and was attracted by the signal given by Vivian Kane when she was attacked by the Black Order; he initially threatened to kill them both, but realized that they were too valuable, Vivian having detailed knowledge of the Order, and Deckard possessing the Signet. Instead, he agreed to let Deckard and Vivian help the Council against their mutual enemy, and ordered Deckard to help his soldiers deploy three EMPs to take out the Golem. Later, he was with Deckard and Vivian when their helicopter was attacked by Griffons, and was knocked out in the crash.

When he woke up, he sent objectives to Deckard. He and Vivian were the two responsible for hacking the Hard Drive. Lexington also gave orders during the subsequent attack by the Black Order. He told Deckard when Vivian was captured.

He led the attack on the Black Order Tower, issuing orders to Deckard and the Council troops and giving speeches during the attack.

As soon as the Device was destroyed, Lexington betrayed Deckard, sedating him and imprisoning him so the Council could forcibly use the Signet to design a new Box.



  • Lexington is cross-eyed.

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