Minotaur image
A Minotaur charges through a wall.
Vital statistics
Title Minotaur
Gender Male/Female
Race Mythological Creature
Faction Mythology
Health High
Level High
Status Dangerous
Location One in London Cemetery. Two in Parliament. Two in the Black Order Tower

The Minotaur is one of the primal "Aniform" creatures released by Pandora's Box. Like their mythological equivalent, a Minotaur has a head, tail, and legs like a bull's, but has an upright humanoid shape. The Minotaur's thick, leathery skin makes them very resilient, and they are strong enough to simply smash through walls.


Mythologically, the Minotaur, half man and half bull, was a unique creature, imprisoned by the artificer Daedalus and King Minos of Crete in the Labyrinth under Knossos, Crete's capital.


In-game, the Minotaurs are rare: the first one is fought as a mini-boss, and the others are encountered near Black Order ACD units, along with other controlled creatures. More minotaurs would likely unbalance the game.


  • The Minotaur is first found in Episode 5, then fought again in Episode 6 and Episode 8.
  • The Minotaur is usually found wielding some type of club, but can be found wielding nothing. If you damage it enough and it will throw it's club and start to charge.

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