Nari image
Vital statistics
Title Nari
Gender Male/Female (Debatable)
Race Mythological Creature
Faction Mythology
Health Minuscule
Level Low
Status Annoying
Location Dark and secluded areas


Legends of demonic beings called Nari come from eastern Europe. The Slavic myth associates them with the souls of dead children, while the Bulgarian version envisions them in the shape of birds. Their childlike appearance hides a vicious, badger-like hostility that is only apparent when in close proximity to a flock. Their resemblance to human children is suspected to be an evolutionary development designed to lull their primary food source into a false sens of security, allowing the Nari to get close enough to deliver a fatal slash with their talons. Nari also have a spectacular defense mechanism: they can become intangible at will. This protects the Nari from physical harm as well as allowing them to pursue their prey through any obstacle,


Used as an annoyance, sometimes to snatch away objects from Charles Deckard.


Use the Animus Pulse to make them solid and finish them off, or just wait for them to attack


The Nari are actually called Nav'.

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