Ormand LeFey
Vital statistics
Title Ormand LeFey
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Black Order
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Black Order Tower


Ormand LeFey is the leader of the Black Order. His past is highly unknown.


LeFey hired Charles Deckard to retrieve a rare piece of art for him, which turned out to be Pandora's box. He then fired his secretary, Vivian Kane, and sent soldiers to kill Charles Deckard and Vivian.

He put a virus on the Hard Drive that Deckard retrieved, shutting down the systems and allowing the Black Order to attack in full force. He ordered Vivian captured.

LeFey planned to create a large machine to control all of the creatures on earth, but his plans were put to an end when Deckard, the Council of 98, and the newly freed Vivian destroyed the Device.


You must activate all three clusters and then overload the Device with Animus to kill him.



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