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Pandora's Box
Pandora's box image.jpg
The Box
Vital statistics
Type Box
Effects Signet and Animus
Source Museum
Cost to buy Free
Cost to sell Free


In Mythology, Pandora's Box was a gift from Zeus. He warned humanity to never open it, but the curiosity of Pandora overcame her, and she opened it, releasing all of the woes of mankind into the world.

The box was a 'prison' for all mythical creatures and contains Animus energy that can be used for power. Soon mankind sought the power of Pandora's Box and fought countless wars to obtain the box, however the Council of 98 took the box and hide it from the world to ensure natural balance. However, Charles Deckard was hired by Ormand LeFey to steal the Box, but it was accidently opened by Deckard, thus releasing both Animus energy and the creatures trapped inside.


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