Vital statistics
Type Supernatural
Effects Absorbing Animus and Animus Blast
Source Pandora's Box
Cost to buy Free (With a stab in the hand)
Cost to sell Free

The symbol on Charles Deckard's hand given to him by Pandora's Box.


The Signet channels the life-energy of the creatures, called Animus Vitae. Pandora's Box stamped Deckard with the Signet as a fail-safe device, and it contains encoded information on how to reverse the process and put the monsters back inside Pandora'sBox. Because of this, Deckard can absorb and manipulate Animus.

Powers Edit

Absorb: Allows Deckard to absorb Animus from dead creatures.

Heal: Allows Deckard to use Animus energy to heal his wounds

Pulse: Allows Deckard to unleash Animus energy to stun creatures, also it turns Nari back into solid form.

Feed: Allows Deckard to flow Animus energy into electronic devices. Used to break things and to charge EMP's.

Tame: Seen only in the ending animation, Deckard was able to tame a Griffin to use as a ride.


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