Vivian Kane
Vital statistics
Title Vivian Kane
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Formerly Black Order
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Unknown


Vivian was the executive secretary of Ormand LeFey and agent of the Black Order.

She was born in South Africa to wealthy parents of British origin. At age five, she returned to England with her family. Her childhood was unremarkable, but she was an excellent student. Vivian was accepted to Oxford at age sixteen, and graduated with degrees in Engineering and Anthropology.

She was believed to have been recruited into the Black Order during her senior year research trip to the Grecian Isles. Vivian began field operations for the Black Order in 2000, and all known missions were completed without major incident.


Vivian was sent along with Charles Deckard on the mission to steal Pandora's Box, but was fired by LeFey and was attacked by Black Order soldiers. Luckily, she and Deckard both managed to survive. She then went over to the Council of 98, telling them whatever she could to get revenge on LeFey. She went along with Deckard and Lexington White Deer in the Assault on the Cathedral.

She, along with Lexington, then hacked into the stolen Hard Drive, revealing LeFey's plot. Vivian was kidnapped by the Black Order and taken to the Black Order Tower. She was freed by Deckard during the Attack on the Tower and disabled cameras and Plasma Gates blocking his path. She also guided Deckard in destroying the Device. According to the last narration, she somehow managed to survive the blast from the Device and escaped.


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